" Fashions fade, Styl is eternal! "
-Yves Saint Laurent

Sunday, January 23

Let me introduce you to...

I've always been a fan of riding habit and polo outfits although, honestly, I don't feel comfortable conceiving of being a part of the ''higher class'', denoted with good manners, political conversations and the nobility behind my back.
But, I love their fashion, or rather,
clothes which decent people should wear.
(I guess this is how the nobility would express it)
So in this way, let me introduce you to 
Ralph Lauren!
Ralph Lauren is the founder of one of the most prestigious label, which first specialized on  doing polo-fashion.But also tennis- and golf player love his elegant items of clothing, with the result that he brought out various articles of apparel, fulfillng all classy fashion-whiches.
Lauren's sweatshirts and pullovers are labelled with the US-flag and also he orientates hisself by the british college- and country style.


  1. hey, ja der katalog ist für alle kostenlos bestelltbar :) schau doch einfach mal auf die homepage:)
    liebste grüße
    Striped differents

  2. i love the preppy look ! :)


  3. Hey:)

    I'm soo sorry, for being quite for a long time:)
    It's university-stuff that makes me so lazy^^

    Ralph Lauren look so friendly:D I didn't knew his real face^^ And the third look is so mervelous! I love those "pretty-woman-hats"

    love, kaya:)

  4. Loves me some RL....so classy and crisp ALL THE TIME!!

    Xisses, Onyxsta