" Fashions fade, Styl is eternal! "
-Yves Saint Laurent

Wednesday, December 29

The Gent Fonzworth Bentley

have always admired 
Derek Watkins a.k.a Fonzworth Bentley, who I used to called the Umbrella Man. 

He was the first Hip-Hop Artist whose style I loved and also one of the first male who I have known dressing well! I guess a lot of people might agree that, with his outward appearance, he is in contrast to other Hip-Hop Artist since he had started his career. Hip-Hop does not mean Baggy pants, shamble and gangster behavior. It can also appear in suits, sublime language and subdued manners. 
And I was very amused watching his effort reeducating ruffians in gentlemen (From G's to Gents).


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