" Fashions fade, Styl is eternal! "
-Yves Saint Laurent

Sunday, July 25

New York Walk

Still love 'em. 

Diese Bilder erschienen bereits schon  September 2009 und ich kann euch sagen, sie waren auch sehr sehr schwer zu finden.
Hoffe sie gefallen euch auch.

These Pictures have been already published in September 2009 and they were so difficult to find.
Hope u love 'em too.

Dennis Stenild

Simon Rasmussen

Hair & Makeup
Marie Thomsen


  1. i lovee these photo's!
    & Thanks Darling omg sooo nice to hear something like that ....im so happy to know u!!! you are special too ...i never met a girl like you!!
    take care lovee u!!!
    und wir sehen uns :D

  2. Cool post, i like this editorial. your blog is really nice, hope you'll also take a look on mine :)


    by the way: the sketch on the top of your blog is really cool!